Multiple Intelligence is also called as MI Test ?

so What is MI Test.It is a Study of 9 Multiple Intelligence composition of Human brain with help of MI Theory.

Invented By Dr. Howard Gardner. He is Professor and scientist in Harvard University which is invented in 1983.

Types of Multiple Intelligence?

9 Multiple Intelligences

Intrapersonal Intelligence : Self Smart

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence : Number Smart

Musical Intelligence : Musical Smart

Linguistic Intelligence : Word Smart

Naturalist Intelligence : Nature Smart

Existential Intelligence : Phil Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence : People Smart

Spatial Intelligence : Picture Smart

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence : Body Smart

Benefits of Multiple Intelligence Test

MI Test is mainly use for Education Counselling and Career Guidance.

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It is mostly resulting from unrealistic professional ambitions of the career seekers who always seek the conventional careers where career opportunities are reasonably limited.

A careers is surely an integrated lifelong plan in advance of earning for living.

Choosing of any career requires aware thought carefully and planning. When doing so, you need to have in mind your goals and also a clear idea within the expectations as a result career.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Strength-and-WeaknessBenefits of DMIT Personal Self Analysis Test

Completely understand your Strength and Weakness (Self Analysis)

Understand your all natural character traits.

Know your Opportunities and future Threats

Identify and improve your core competencies.

Assess your own personal IQ, EQ, SQ, AQ, and CQ.

Develop accepting & comfort simply by better communication.

Plan in advance ahead to attain your goals & live your desires.

Recognize the best option learning and management styles.

Improve your own relationship together with your loved one.

Invest smartly in suitable personal development programs.

Know your passion to get living and bring back dreams through the past.

Fully understand your partner Character traits, Values & Characteristics.

Discover your personal capabilities and select right profession path.

Reorganize your individual loved one’s correspondence character.

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