A problem of travel often occur for a few travelers were lost passport, it may be terrible, but you stay calm. It may waste your time, money, and ruin your plans. But if you already prepare yourself and know what’s coming then you could make things a lot easier.

Prepare a copy of your passports and important files:

After all, it is better to prepare for the worst. You’ve got to go one step ahead. This is a good step to help you prevent or cut the waiting time shorter while waiting to get a new passport. Besides, take a few pictures of your passport, maybe you’ll need it at some point.

Report the police right away:

This is very important to help you get your stuff back if it was stolen, or to claim the cost of replacement on your travel insurance (make sure you have it before travel somewhere). If your passport is being used illegally, this can actually help the police to find it. The down side of this is filing a police report can be quite frustrating for some when you have a language barrier with the local authorities. So, Try to find an English-speaker who can speaks and read the report to help you out.

Apply for a New Passport:

This must be done by yourself and you need to bring lots of important document. Contact the your country’s embassy nearest to your location first for information your passport is lost for what to take with you, then make an appointment. If you’re in the US then this is an example of what you will need:

Passport Application form DS-11 (filled in black ink)
DS-64 form (filled in black ink)
Proof of U.S. citizenship and a form of primary identification.
You must submit evidences of U.S. citizenship in order to get a new passport. Your identification can be your ID or your driving license. In the progress you may meet some problem that extends your waiting time much longer, delaying your flight and trips. Therefore, make sure you wrote everything correctly and carefully in the form.

Also, prepare for extra fees for the service. In case the country refuses your currency, exchange them through a bank or another person if possible. But don’t worry if you have lost your wallet or were caught in a natural disaster. You will not be charged if you meet those criteria.

Be patient and wait:

Your temporary passport should be available within 24 hours. Unlike your real passport that lasts for 10 years, this one can only be used for a year. Therefore, when you get back to your country immediately renewed it and replace with a new passport.

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